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Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc. is a Florida based C-Corporation owned and managed by three partners, each of whom are veterans of real estate, entitlement, land development and investing. Individually, each partner also brings specific unique experience to the company including construction management, homebuilding, commercial and residential real estate, land planning, finance, and higher education teaching, among other skills which inform and guide their project planning. While the company itself is a fairly new iteration of their ongoing real estate project partnerships, the managers have known each other and worked together in various business arrangements for several decades.

The legacy of their projects is evident in the hundreds of homes, acres of approved lots and commercial sites, dozens of completed projects, improved communities, many happy investors who have partnered on projects as well as numerous families now enjoying homes of their own in multiple cities and towns across the west coast and beyond.

 Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc. prides itself on its human centered approach to real estate investing, land entitlement and development. Over the past few decades, while politicians, planners and other experts have discussed, debated and shown concern over the lack of affordable housing in California, Coast 2 Coast Equities during that time has provided approved lots for entry-level housing in the most affordable areas adjacent to the employment centers of California, resulting in hundreds of families owning their own homes in desirable emerging cities and towns.

Likewise, Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc. brings this approach to our project partners. Our projects take many forms and business structures, however the vast majority of our projects are syndicated to allow more opportunity for typical, average, working people to enjoy the benefits of advanced real estate project investments. We have built a family of investors who tend to invest in multiple projects and re-invest in new projects when their projects close out. Many of our investors use the funds in their self-directed retirement or health savings accounts to invest in our projects to grow their accounts they will need in retirement. One of our greatest joys is issuing checks to our investors when projects close, knowing that we helped our family of project partners move closer to securing their futures and providing for their families.

 Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc. takes its obligation to the communities we serve just as seriously. We carefully select the communities in which we work to ensure compatible goals, values and outcomes. Each city and town has specific land plans, standards, conditions and expectations for the development and growth of their community. We work with the community’s government, civic leadership, neighbors and business community to ensure our project planning follows their desired outcomes as closely as is feasible. It is a mutually beneficial approach which allows our projects to positively impact the community for both the near and long-term future.

Education is a large part of what Coast 2 Coast Equities, Inc. is about. We believe in educating our investors, sellers, buyers, communities and other stake holders to provide for maximum collaboration in our projects from acquisition to close out. With as much transparency as we can, within the boundaries of honoring agreements and protecting personal information, we endeavor to actively provide information on the types of projects we undertake, the structure of our projects, our project planning and approach, and partnership opportunities. Please take a look at our media page to see the many ways we reach out to help educate real estate investors, real estate professionals and the general public on a diverse array of topics related to real estate investing and development.

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