• B.S. Industrial Technology.

  • Held Real Estate License for over 20 years.

  • Numerous business sponsored technical and management programs.

  • United States Air Force, four years with extensive electronic schooling/training.


Board and City Participation:

  • Advisory Board for Grover Trask, Riverside County District Attorney.

  • Riverside County Sheriff Larry Smith’s County Public Information Board.

  • City of Indio, Downtown Redevelopment Agency Acquisition Team.

Loren Huweiler

Professionl Real Estate Summary:

Mr. Huweiler is uniquely knowledgeable in the intricacies of property acquisition/assemblage, development, construction and disposition of real estate. He has extensive administrative and technical background and has performed services as the executive with his various companies, Diversified Development Group, Lorbar, Inc. and Venture Investments, Inc. Servicing the industry through the years, he has been instrumental in the successful acquisition, development and disposition of a substantial amount of real estate through residential and commercial builders and investment programs.

Projects consisted of purchase and sale of residential and commercial land, buildings and storage units for sale to builders, investors and users, City Revitalization programs directing thirty realtors in twenty-five California cities optioning over two hundred parcels of land in downtown blighted areas, and assisting their City Redevelopment agencies to overcome downtown blight. Specific multiple major land development projects were executed in Riverside County, California and Arizona, consisting of hundreds of lots and sold to major builders for residential home construction. All of the above activities have covered four states: Texas, Arizona, Nevada and California.

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